Chief Stanley I. Dike

Chief Stanley I. Dike

Vice Chairman
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About Me

Stanley Dike Chief Stanley I. Dike, Sr., CFE, CIA, President and CEO, Sidway Consultants, Inc.

Former Secretary General, African and Caribbean Business Council (ACBC), Philadelphia, PA

Former Chairman and Current Vice Chairman, ACBC

Chief Stanley I. Dike, Sr. CFE is the President and CEO of Sidway Consultants, Inc., a prime accounting firm based in Philadelphia, PA which offers Auditing, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Fraud Investigation, Tax Services and Homeland Security. Over 17 years of accounting and auditing experience including eight years of accounting and financial analysis experience; Conduct fraud examinations; special projects and investigations focusing on the quality of work and customer service; and grounded in prudent business ethics.

As President and Chief Executive Officer, Stanley works to ensure that the vision of Sidway drives the daily operating activities. Stanley through his firm has served as auditors to Fortune 1000 corporations and other private sector entities.

Stanley is from Orlu LGA of Imo State, Nigeria. Stanley has degree in Accounting/Taxation. Stanley is involved in many non-profit organizations such: founding member/Trustee AU; Secretary General ORA Philadelphia, PA. Stanley has professional affiliations with, CFE – Member Association of Certified Fraud Examiners; and The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), Philadelphia, PA and Peoples Club of Nigeria International. National Financial Secretary, Orlu Regional Assembly, Inc. USA (ORAUSA).

Together we can make African & Caribbean Entrepreneurs in the Greater Philadelphia Area more competitive in local and american markets…

Ex-President Orlu Regional Association, Inc. (ORA Philly). Global Commandant and President, International Chaplaincy Corps Network, Inc. USA (ICCN). Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Amike United, Inc. USA. Stanley served as Assistant Treasurer to the Delaware Valley Science and Engineering Fairs, Inc. (DVSF). During his tenure, DVSF successfully hosted the 50th International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) at Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA (May 02 – 08, 1999).

Stanley is a Certified Fraud Examiner licensed in Pennsylvania.

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Favorite Saying: “If you want to be successful you must first find someone who is successful and duplicate what they do.”

Favorite Movies: Coming to America and Godfather I & II